3D Animations

3D Animations

As More & More team, we support the language learning process not only with our printed sources but also with our technological resources. Our 3D (three dimensions) animation series project is one of those resources.

Our 3D animated series named “More & More Buddies” will bring joy to your classrooms while presenting examples of English language structures and their usage. The main characters of our series are 4 close friends named Max, Katie, Mark and Judie. Through the daily adventures of clumsy and lazy Max, our students will learn English and have fun.

There are also two interactive exercises for each animation video. You can access these exercises from www.kurmayokul.com, 3D Animation section.

For each secondary school class group, episodes in cartoon story style have been prepared according to students’ language acquisition goals and ages. Our animations are in harmony with the curriculum of the Turkish Ministry of Education and present examples for target words’ usages.

Our animation series with their amusing contents prepared by our expert educator staff are suitable in-class and extra-curricular activities. Teachers may prefer using animations for increasing interactiveness, providing general revision of objectives at the end of units, or engaging students with the target language also outside of the school.