Play More Game Platform

Play More Game Platform

Are you ready for our brand-new game platform “Play More”?

Our game platform with its 100 games is waiting for you, students from 2nd grade to 8th grade, on IOS and Android platforms.

Not only on mobile phones, you can use its desktop version also on your computer and smartboards. Our students will keep learning English outside of the classroom with 10 games for each unit (in total 100 games).

Play More Game Platform has been designed for students from 2nd grade to 8th grade by our experienced educator staff after detailed research and studies on the language skills and developments of young learners.

As More & More team, we developed Play More Game Platform to present innovative resources to support education and assist teachers, parents and students in using technology efficiently for language learning.

According to the academics' point of view, the variety of different types of input resources in the language learning process not only improve the learning process, but also provides the permanence of the acquired knowledge. Therefore, we support this progress by providing various rich contents to our students in as many different ways as possible.

Play More is an educational game platform based on the basic language skills, emotional and cognitive development progress of students. When the characteristics of the young learners’ language development aspects are observed, it is seen that there is progress from sounds to writing, from receptive to productive skills. In other words, children first learn about sounds -pronunciation of words- and then improve their other language skills such as speaking or writing. Therefore, it can be concluded that if learners are provided with more sound input, they will have more progression in improving their other language skills. The games in this platform have been designed with these aspects in mind and they include content for all language skills -listening, reading, speaking and writing- with mainly listening activities. Also, game contents are in harmony with the curriculum of the Turkish Ministry of Education, so they provide an additional accessible source to practice English for students after school. Moreover, our games offer a variety of language exercises and content that can support our students' analytical, emotional and social development.

Each unit includes different types of games and each game enriched different types of language exercises, visuals and practice opportunities. Hence, games have different operations and objectives.